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     The Garden of the Hesperides, a delightful place inhabiting the abyss where dreams are kept, never forgotten, forever emerging through some crack of conscience, defeating oblivion. A Garden on the edge of the world, harbouring the sacred tree of golden apples, fruit of the gods, guarded by the terrible dragon. A hidden place inhabited by gods in immortal, earthly, carnal forms. Under the bright light of the apples, the eternal revelation of flesh as spirit and spirit as flesh is underway. Matter has become flesh and, in turn, flesh has become spirit or, perhaps, the spirit, now flesh, has turned into matter. Everything is shaped into the same reality under the light of the apples. The human flesh of the gods and the worldly spirit of the goddesses inhabit the garden, enjoying their gifts. Their lives move on gently ruled by the eternal wheel that, without fail, governs the world and its spheres. There is no anguish, grief or sorrow in the continuous spin that governs and rules over them but an inevitably accepted fate which is certain, soothing, happy.






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     The eternity of the garden dies away, the wheel stops, everything ends. The dragon guarding the entry finally becomes an ornament for the peace angel. The trumpets have blown, torn by the final cry that has brought the garden to an end. Everything ends. Everything begins.

From the depths of the sheltering abyss of dreams, the primordial waters, emerges the Goddess on her fourteenth day. Thiasus of herself, woven in ivy, chants the evohé ignited by the power of the god. In her increasing ascent, she domineers the world’s elements and ignites the buds about to bloom, buds from her own self. She alone gives birth, the world is her offspring and the gods are created from her divine essence. The maiden of song, she succeeds herself, sovereign of a time which returns to itself by creating the endless dance of the spheres, mother of the world, the woven pattern of life.


To the initiated, she offers her carnal nudity, unreachable on this side of dreams. A carnal and inapprehensible soul, perceptible only for the fleeting instant the winds stop the grazing of the leaves in the night. Or in the daring contemplation of her figure.




Images of some works/paintings




     If you should be interested in knowing more about either my work or myself, please do not hesitate to contact me.


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Garden of the Hesperides


  Luis Priego



     At the Garden’s door, the child god, the “kid”, displays the arrow he has lit with a fire that does not burn but scorches those who, unwarily or perhaps warily, hit the mark with their dart. Hermes, his flight at a standstill, announces the essential beauty of the tree of life.

     The women in this garden are not the daughters of Eve, heirs to the original transgression which separated flesh from spirit; they are emanations of Ishtar or Inanna. They are bodies inhabited by the goddess, receptacles of life and death, virgins and mothers, mistresses of heaven and earth, of animals and plants, bearers of wisdom. They belong to an earlier age, a golden one. As incarnations of the moon they carry the promise of the cycle of birth and bloom, decadence and death, in order to be reborn as something infinite. Just as after darkness must come light, after death must come rebirth. The wheel spins in imperturbable and eternal return. The divine energy of the goddess is spilled in this garden where there are echoes of her old voice: “I am the one who embellishes the male for the female; I am the one who embellishes the female for the male.” In the sacred act of sexuality, joy and life are brought to the world and the sorrowful life of man is brought closer to the divine and joyful existence of the Goddess. Women represent the entirety of what can be known, guide in the ascent to the sublime summit of the sensory adventure. Those capable of taking woman as she is, with the certainty and kindness she requires, will defeat the dragon and aspire to be kings in the creation of her world, vehicles of her generating strength, expressions of the divine. Engrossed by his thoughts, the hero decides his fate, awaiting a decision that springs from within himself and restoring the old unity between heaven and earth, spirit and flesh, soul and body.

Syrinx and Aulos


  Luis Priego







About Me

     My name is Luis Priego Priego. Born in Cuenca, a small town in the centre of Spain, I studied Fine Arts at Complutense University of Madrid, where I currently teach.


The pictorial work that I present to you, "The Garden of the Hesperides", is the result of a long artistic process, born from an imperative and inescapable need to create a work engendered in a classic content and adapted to our complex contemporary artistic world.


Pictorial-poetic creation, increasingly insinuating, enigmatic and sensual, in which classical myths coexist with contemporary influences in a timeless space. Images that invite the recollection of full silence and to stop, for a not fleeting moment, to admire an absolutely subjective and mysterious beauty.






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